Ladies Goats – gum bichromate

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This lovely ladies are one of those moments – when least expected, moments. I was walking with my dogs and they were so curious about us that they came very near. I waited... READ MORE

Nest – gum bichromate

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NEST: : the place where a bird lays its eggs and takes care of its young : a place where an animal or insect lives and usually lays eggs or takes care of... READ MORE

Still Life – gumoil

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Influence of a different type of pigments are clearly visible onto this two photographs. Weather conditions (humidity and temperature) were the same as the same process that I did. The only difference is... READ MORE

Arena Pula – gumoil

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It’s good to slow down. My creative process has become quite slow. From shooting negatives to developing sometimes 2-3 years may pass. It happened that some negatives were waiting to be developed until... READ MORE


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