I am participating in the Magnum Photography Awards with my photogravure Meeting Point, which is part of my new portfolio sale of six original photogravure photographs: http://www.silaart.com/product/special-edition-portfolio-sixies-photogravure/ If I win the prize on Magnum competition, that portfolio will be worth triple and even more. That is the rule of the market, silly isn't it?! And if you have "the nose" you can buy it now and earn a lot ...


Working on the printmaking press and with ink is the most basic thing. Since the 15th century printmakers were using printing presses. It was only logical that in the 19th century printmaking becomes one of the methods to produce photography. Together they create beautiful artworks. I am continuing with my small edition printing. Only 4 of each negative are printed as a photogravure. Mainly I use sepia, with a touch of black colour from Charbonnel and ...



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