Artist. Photographer. Printmaker. Illustrator.

Since 2007, I dedicated my professional life to art. I stopped working as a Veterinarian and started being an Artist.

Often, people ask me, What kind of artist am I? Do I work with this and that… The answer is, I am a curious artist. I work with ink, charcoal, watercolour  and digital. I paint on an iPad Pro.

I am a photographer. I work with old type of cameras. Large format, 4×5, medium format 120mm, 35mm, analog film, mainly black and white. And then digital cameras and mobile phone photography.

The Printmaker. I use an etching press for monotypes and photogravures. Also, I use old printmaking techniques like gum bichromate, where an image is created with watercolour paints and photographic negatives.

In my eleven years of growth as an artist I learned that barriers, puristic way of thinking, put-in-a-box mentality is not for me. I love old techniques in painting and photography and I think it is important to save the knowledge of the past. At the same time I love the modern inventions ….to combine past and present … to express in art my love towards animals, nature and life, …to have fun, … to enjoy in what I do.

Now –  is the most exiting time to live in. It is the only time that belongs to you.

Although, I am Croatian, since 2015 I live and work in Ireland.

I am a member of the Croatian association of photographers “KADAR 36” .
If you are interested in a detailed biography, check my Linkedin page.
Dates of new exhibitions will be posted on the blog page.

Kinsale, Ireland, 2018.




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