Caffenol, EXA 1a and Minolta x500

It was awhile from last film developing with Caffenol C-M process, so it was no surprise to me that I did few mistakes. I also did some “first’s”, eg. first roll of film in an old East German EXA 1a camera. Camera that pleasantly surprised me with the performance. It is completely mechanical and very basic, a bit bulky 35mm camera. I used my old faithful film Kodak Tmax 100, with which I have a lot of practice shooting and developing in Caffenol.

Exa and Minolta first roll_0006m

Exa 1a – Kinsale

Exa and Minolta first roll_0020m

Exa 1a – Cork

Exa and Minolta first roll_0027m

Exa 1a – Cork

Exa and Minolta first roll_0005m

Exa 1a – Casper on The Cliffs

Exa and Minolta first roll_0002m

Exa 1a – Garretstown

Exa and Minolta first roll_0014m

Exa 1a – Kinsale Halloween


Minolta x500 is my recently purchased camera  and for the test roll I used film that I’ve never used before – Kentmer 400. With that roll I made mistake in development. I was impatient. As mixing washing soda and vitamin C and coffee produce slight increase in temperature, the solution was to warm and I didn’t wait to cool down a bit. My negatives are to dense and I couldn’t tell how good is the camera, what is the error of the film/developer combinations etc. Not every film behave good with Caffenol.

Exa and Minolta first roll_0038m

Minolta x500- Kinsale Harbour

Exa and Minolta first roll_0044m

Minolta x500- Kinsale Harbour

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