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Toyo 45A and me

The thing with a LF camera is that everything is slow. Finding the location, composing the cadre, shoot, go to the studio, develop and all that just to find out – you can do better than that. Maybe the composition is not the best, the light was not the best. Sometimes, just to get into the “working mode” I need a few shots, but if you only carry three film holders with 6 in total 4×5 sheets, that usually means only 1-2 satisfying negatives. I still think that the slowness has its advantages. I like the idea of revisiting the same places over and over again. I think that people are mad, constantly running after new, famous, or spots where everybody goes, trying to take a picture like so-and-so.

I can’t create in those places. I need peace and quiet, I need to connect with the surroundings and with the inner me.

Casper enjoying on soft grass

Toyo and Adox CMS20

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