Photogravure Photopolymer

Photogravure by Lidija Ivanek SiLa

This morning, I don’t even remember how, I end up reading text about Art Nouveau, Ramon Garcia-Bragado:

“Art Nouveau- Whatever the case, each was based on a desire to break with the past, to overcome traditional academic canons and seek new, original concepts and forms that looked to the future. At the same time, however, they were also movements inspired by the past and each country’s specific traditions, thus striving to recover their own history and legends. This was one of the main reasons why each movement was different. This apparent contradiction was also carried over into the way works were carried out. On the one hand, new techniques and materials could be used thanks to constant investigation but, on the other hand, there was also a painstaking recovery of ancient artisan traditions in ironwork, glass, carpentry, ceramics and other fields.
Another common feature of Europe’s different Art Nouveau movements was an identification with nature, an approach that went much further than the use of forms and materials, because it was in fact a firm commitment to the quality of life and health of citizens. This can be especially seen in architecture, where natural light and the possibilities of ventilation was maximised to the full in each building and room. It might also seem contradictory that all the new technologies of the day were being introduced at the time, such as gas, electric lighting, elevators, running water and sewage systems, etc. But today we know that a quality of life implies a wise balance between a respect for nature and the use of cutting-edge technologies. In this way, these modernists were indeed pioneers.”

Great text, great art movement, but that wasn’t the reason to post it here with my post concerning my new achievements in photogravure. It is the part where Art nouveau connects and respects traditional handmade craft, ancient artisan traditions, and then uses new materials, new ways with old knowledge. That is my idea, my notion, the same feeling, in 21st century. Old and new work together and create new high quality, one of kind, pieces of art.


Photogravure Black Carbon, Lidija Ivanek SiLa

Photogravure Sepia, Lidija Ivanek SiLa

Place: Garrylucas, Kinsale, Ireland

I used a direct-to-plate printing method. The how-to-knowledge of the method was kindly shared with me by the wonderful Australian artist, Silvi Glauttauer. Toyobo plates and Epson printer SCP600, saved me fiddling with transparency film and vacuum exposure box. This way, the positive is printed directly on the plate and exposed under UV light, developed in water. Ink that I use is Charbonnel Aqua wash. Paper is for printmaking from Hahnemuhle. Photographing it with film, developed traditionally with chemicals, then scanning the modern way, printing with printer, and back to the old traditional printmaking with ink and printmaking press.

I made only 4 sepia photographs and 1 black carbon. That is it. Archival, handmade, one of a kind. They are for sale.


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