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Gum Bichromate

Sometimes I have to change the perspective, and the best way to do that is to travel. A few days ago we returned from one such trip. The whole time I photographed. The scenes were magnificent and anyone who is “friend” with me on Facebook saw beautiful sunsets and sunrises, little boats that are bobbing in the sea and so on. It is a photograph of the moment, travel photography and casual photography and I am very good in it. It helps me to step back and look at things differently. It is this shift that has helped me to understand a few facts. Now when I’m at home, only now I can create. My art has nothing to do with the magical colors and sunrises and sunsets, with sighs and applause of enthusiastic spectators. When I create I am very serious. My works of art, I create seriously. I can not do otherwise. A work of art is a part of me. During the process, while I create I do not even know exactly where the artwork will take me. After it is done, it shows me something about myself that I did not know until then. Maybe that are to deep words for allocating them to one photo, but it’s true. This is the way I create. My photos have very simple motifs, somewhat minimalist, because as such they say more than all the colors of the sky at sunset. After years of studying photographers, reading books on photography, learning the rules, I break those rules now knowing that I break them deliberately, whereas before I violated those same rules intuitively. The circle is filled. Crooked horizons and leaking seas have been there for a reason 😀 for ex. as in my pinhole photograph.




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